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Fated Mates Live 2024 Presale Info

Hello, you Magnificent Firebird! Are you attending Fated Mates Live on March 23, 2024 in Brooklyn NY and you want to order some merch to pick up at the show? Here's what you need to know!

I will not have a booth or table at the show but I am accepting pre-orders of anything in the shop and will deliver it to you there!

The FINAL day to place an order for pick up at Fated Mates Live is Friday, March 15 at midnight CT.

You definitely need the Fated Mates Live stickers that you see here, illustrated by the talented Shannon Donahue!

Note: The deadline for ordering custom Avatar/PFP buttons for this event has passed, but if you want to order one for another future event, here's the listing.

Ordering Info

Be sure to select PICK UP at Fated Mates Live when you check out. If you do not, I will ship to your address like a regular order. Note: If the Fated Mates Live stickers are part of your order, your order will not ship until after the event.

You can order anything at all in the shop — there's Fated Mates merch (see below for a preview of that) and all sorts of other Romance-themed stickers and buttons here too!

Since I won't have a table at the event, this is your ONLY opportunity to order for the show. (I mean... I usually have some stickers on me and I'll always take money, so you may get something, but no guarantees if you have not ordered ahead.)

I will send you info closer to the event about when/where to meet me to pick up your merch (and hey, Jen and Sarah will also give a heads up at the show!)

One small ask: If you cannot make it to the event, please let me know ahead of time, if possible. I'm going to be taking everything with me from Chicago to NYC and making a round-trip with your order and then shipping it from Chicago when I get home isn't ideal, ya know? I know stuff happens, so even a last-minute notice would be appreciated. Thank you so much.

Questions? Drop me a line at

I'm excited to meet you!




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