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Hi, I'm Kelly. I make buttons and stickers and other merchandise that celebrates genre Romance. Welcome to my shop!

Looking for more details? Read on...


In 2018, I designed the logo for the Romance podcast, Fated Mates, co-hosted by Sarah MacLean and Jen Prokop (aka my best friend, Jenny). I also made some buttons and stickers featuring their logo cause hey... that's fun.

I joined Twitter in 2019 as BestFriendKelly (that’s what Jenny called me on Fated Mates — hear my Romancelandia origin story right here) and started making and selling avatar buttons for people who know each other on social media meeting in real life for the first time; it's a great way to identify online friends IRL. Since Jenny already had a website, I went ahead and set up shop over there.

We were having a good time with those avatar buttons, so I designed some Romance-themed buttons to celebrate the genre. Those were a hit and that led to... stickers! And more buttons. And more stickers. And customized Year of You mirrors to accompany the release of Sarah's book Brazen and the Beast

At the end of 2020, we were all feeling pretty low, so I started the Romancelandia Sticker Club. Members get a sticker in the mail every month celebrating Romance, HEAs, and positive messages related to inclusivity and joy (plus other goodies and discounts. This just turned into a sales pitch but really... you should join!)

I moved my shop to this site in 2021 and I'm thrilled to have you here. Thanks so much for reading this far, when you could have been reading a Romance instead. 💗   





PS: I also do custom design work and sell most of my products wholesale, so if you're interested in that, drop me a note at

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